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22 May 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Summer Associate Research Tips and Resources

Learning Resources for Your Summer Associates

We know a lot of planning and energy goes into onboarding summer associates and making sure they end the summer more prepared to be full-time associates. We’ve collected and listed some Lexis Advance® resources you can share with your summer associates as part of your training program. In addition, your LexisNexis® practice area consultant is available to provide in-person or virtual training at any point during the summer.

Career Advice and Survival Tips
   •   Survival Glossary
   •   Lexis Practice Advisor® Summer Survival Guide
   •   Top 10 Secrets from an Associate
   •   Top 10 Secrets from a Hiring Partner

Encourage your summer associates to attend a live webinar featuring career tips from Jim Wagstaffe, a cutting-edge litigator and authority on complicated civil procedure. The webinar will be held on Tuesday, June 4. Summer Associates can register here.

Lexis Advance: Quick How-to Guides
   •   Starting Points for 6 Key Practice Areas
   •   Context on Lexis Advance
   •   Integrated Features Improve Research Efficiency
   •   Ravel™ View
   •   Lexis Advance Terms & Connectors

   •   Ravel View How-to Video
   •   Lexis Advance Search Basics Training
   •   Shepard’s® Training
   •   Lexis Advance Practice Centers Training
   •   Show Me How Videos

Find more support and training materials for the following tools listed below:
   •   Lexis Practice Advisor® Support & Training
   •   Lexis® for Microsoft® Office Support & Training
   •   LexisNexis® CourtLink® Support & Training
   •   Intelligize® Support & Training
   •   LexisNexis® Digital Library Support & Training