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11 Sep 2019 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

The surprising truth about case law

When it comes to case law research, it’s important for legal professionals to know the differences that matter. Do you know where can you find the most comprehensive and reliable collection of case law and innovative case analysis tools that make researching case law more efficient? The answer is the Lexis Advance® service, which has the largest collection of case law, statutes and regulations enhanced with advanced legal analytics, AI and visualization tools for better analysis and results. The facts:

  • 24% more federal case opinions so you can be sure you won’t miss any available cases*
  • 79% of the time cases are added to Lexis Advance faster than Westlaw®
  • Only Lexis Advance combines the power of Shepard’s®, Ravel™ View and Search Term Maps to help ensure you’re citing to the strongest authority
  • Get consistent case law results on Lexis Advance, unlike Westlaw where results are unpredictable when applying pre- and post-search filters. Review these studies that address this issue:

Learn more. Download the Primary Law PDF.


*Comparison data based on information available as of December 2018.

†Comparison data based on information available as of October 2018.