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31 May 2018 Author : InfoPro Community Manager

Updates to results display for news, the copy & paste feature and new tax legal news sources available on the Lexis Advance® service

News Results List Updated

A results list improvement for News now surfaces key information about each news article.

Previous view:

New view:


Improved Copy & Paste

Lexis Advance now supports document numbering/bulleting through copy & paste. This feature improves the copy & paste functionality from Lexis Advance into Microsoft® Word, eliminating:

  • Renumbering of the document content pasted into Word
  • Additional bullets when pasted into Word


New Tax Legal News Sources added to Lexis Advance® Tax

Lexis Advance Tax now includes the new tax legal sources you have access to under Explore Content/Legal News.

  • Law360® Tax Authority, MLex® U.S. Tax Watch and Tax News Archives content has been integrated into the Lexis Advance Tax landing page sources.
  • Law360 Tax Authority has been divided into three sub-sources for the corresponding Lexis Advance Tax practice area pages (Federal, State & Local, International).
  • Law360 Tax Authority and MLex results have been included on the Lexis Advance Tax News tab, which automatically surfaces the most recent results from critical publications.

Download the tax legal news reference PDF here.

There are several ways to access these sources.

    • On the main search tab, go to the Legal News pod and select the source you want.
    • Clicking on the search icon will allow you to run a search in the source.


The source’s pull-down menu allows you to select Get all documents for this source. This pulls up all articles; most recent to oldest.

If you select the News tab, all news sources will appear most recent first. Users can get to a specific publication by using a source filter.

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