Industry and Law Firm Filters added to Agreement Analysis

Agreement Analysis has released two highly anticipated filters – Industry and Law Firm. These filters allow users to narrow their alternate clause recommendations based on the relevant industry and by law firm(s).
22 May 2024

Lexis+ AI Enhancements

Lexis+ AI has a New Look! The new design expands the dialog area to fill more of the screen, providing users with a cleaner view to read and engage with AI responses. By removing unused space, the updated home page creates a smoother experience for interacting with Lexis+ AI. Print, email and download options have been added to Lexis+ AI! Additionally, the copy feature now copies entire conversations, not just the ...
22 May 2024

Standard of Care is Now Incorporated in Pinpoint

The popular Standard of Care feature found in Medical Navigator is now part of Pinpoint. Medical malpractice litigators need to understand when medical professionals breach the standard of care and it can be costly to consult with medical experts. To solve this, our new Standard of Care feature in Pinpoint helps determine if proper care was provided through a questionnaire. Users must have Scientific Materials in their ...
7 May 2024

Courtlink Snapshot Enhancement

Delaware Chancery & Superior Courts now have summaries for civil complaints. These AI generated Snapshot summaries for Delaware (like the Federal Civil Complaint summaries) are included in the CourtLink alerts and in the CourtLink docket.
30 Apr 2024

Recent Lexis+ AI™ Enhancements

Lexis+ AI has three new enhancements to improve the Ask and Upload capabilities. Boosted Case Authority : Users want to see the best authority in Lexis+ AI responses to Ask a Legal Question prompts. This enhancement will improve case authority by boosting case citations from higher court level. Search filter now recognizes case types: Lexis+ AI can now better recognize when users are asking for a civil or ...
30 Apr 2024

Recent Sources Added to Lexis and Lexis+

Alabama Pattern Jury Instructions - Civil LexisNexis is the market leader in civil jury instructions with 48 states after Alabama's release, and 44 states with criminal jury instructions. See Jury Instructions on Lexis+ and Lexis for the complete collection. Federal Public School Law Guidebook & Index (National School Boards Association, Inc. Publication) South Carolina Code of Laws Annotated by LexisNexis ...
30 Apr 2024

Recent Lexis+ AI™ Enhancements

Additional Use Cases in Upload and Ask a Legal Question Tasks The capabilities of the Upload and Ask a Legal Question tasks have been expanded allowing for more advanced tasks. New supported use cases include Compare & Contrast; Identify Arguments; and Find Entities. Below are prompt examples for each new task: Compare & Contrast ​ Compare the court's reasoning where negligent entrustment was found ...
24 Apr 2024

Recent Lexis+ AI Enhancements

Document Upload Size Limit Increased The document size limit for both Ask a Legal Question and Summarize upload tasks has been increased to 400K characters (with spaces) per document, which is approximately 100-150 pages of 11 pt. text, depending on the formatting. You will see the following messaging within Lexis+ AI:
17 Apr 2024

Secondary Source Recommendations Now Available in More Like This Passage

More Like this Passage was added to Lexis+ earlier this year and provided case law recommendations. Now, with the release of More Like This Passage - Recommended Secondary, researchers can see highly relevant related secondary materials along with case law when you click on the More Like This Passage icon. This feature pulls in recommendations from more than 1000 Matthew Bender publications. Once a relevant passage ...
11 Apr 2024

Lexis® Create Enhancements

Lexis ® Create AI Assistant is now responsive to your open Word document, with answers being grounded in the content of the document and not just LexisNexis content. Within the Lexis ® Create AI Assistant, click on Ask a legal question . You can ask a general legal question as you would in Lexis+ AI™ or you can now click on Use open document and ask questions about the open document. An answer ...
1 Apr 2024

Courtlink® Snapshot Now Includes AI-generated Complaint Summaries in the Docket View

Over 120,000 summaries of Courtlink ® U.S. District court complaints now appear in the body of each docket, providing immediate insight into cases of interest.
1 Apr 2024

10 Secondary Sources Added to Lexis+® and Lexis® in March

Arkansas Family Law with Forms (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store This title is your entry to mastering the intricacies and strategies of effective Arkansas family law practice. This publication details the body of Arkansas law that defines the rights and obligations of the individual vis-a-vis the family and, specifically, the marital relationship. The purpose of this title is to assist a legal reader seeking ...
1 Apr 2024

Lexis® Create Enhancements

Definitions can be viewed in their entirety when scrolling: Users can now view their full definition while working through the instances of the defined term. Definitions can be edited without having to scroll back to the actual definition. Users can edit the definition in the rights-side pane no matter where the defined term is within the documents. A “Jump to Definition” button and a “Return ...
6 Mar 2024

19 Secondary Sources Added to Lexis+® and Lexis® in February

2022 Survey of Federal Class Action Law (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis) A U.S. Supreme Court and Circuit-by-Circuit analysis is a valuable tool for both in-house and outside counsel who confront the prospect of litigating class actions in federal circuits with which they may have little or no experience and must make informed recommendations on removal. Category Management Antitrust Handbook (ABA) (Lexis+ / Lexis ...
6 Mar 2024

Lexis+ AI™ Enhancements

Agency materials have been expanded in Lexis+ AI™ and now include federal and state primary agency materials (i.e., decisions and rulings) rendered by agency’s administrative law judge/board. To search Lexis+ AI Ask a legal question, name the agency and the topic in the prompt of interest. i.e., Provide OSHA commission decisions involving storage of explosives, fireworks or combustible items. Then, click ...
21 Feb 2024

9 Secondary Sources Added to Lexis+® and Lexis® in January

California Evidence Advocacy in the Age of Statutes (Lexis+ / Lexis) and in the LexisNexis Store This text helps attorneys and other legal professionals develop an advocacy style suited for the “Age of Statutes.” Every chapter cites the relevant Code section by number and uses bolding to highlight the crucial language in each statute. Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Compliance for Corporations ...
6 Feb 2024

279 Publications from Springer Nature Added to News Content on Lexis and Lexis+

Publication Name AAPS Journal AAPS Open AAPS PharmSciTech Acta Neurologica Belgica Acta Neuropathologica Communications Acta Parasitologica Acta Pharmacologica Sinica Advances Traditional Medicine Alzheimer's Research Therapy Angiogenesis Annals Biomedical Engineering Annals Clinical Microbiology ...
24 Jan 2024

Publications Added in 2023

Publication Name 2023 Manual for Courts-Martial 24 News Channel 24 News Channel (Ukrainian) 24/7 Wall St. 256 Business News 3BL Blogs 403(b) Answer Book 7sur7 A Diario CR A Guide to Conducting Sentencing Hearings in Canada (Koturbash) A Practical ...
20 Dec 2023

The AALL/LexisNexis® Call for Papers Committee is soliciting unpublished papers in four categories

AALL/LexisNexis Call for Papers: Open Division: AALL members of 5 years or more New Member Division: for recent graduates and AALL members who have been in the profession for fewer than five years Short Form Division: All AALL members; shorter-length articles Student Division: Those enrolled in library school, information management school or the equivalent, or in law school, during the Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 ...
13 Dec 2023

The Practical Guidance Journal, Winter Edition

GET YOUR COMPLIMENTARY COPY TODAY. READ IT NOW! INSIDE THIS ISSUE Best Practices for Using Generative AI in Discovery Strategic insights litigators should consider in a federal court litigation when dealing with discovery produced by generative artificial intelligence tools. Page 4 . Read this Related Content: Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) Resource Kit AI ...
13 Dec 2023

New Strategic Checklists Available for Employers Focused on Combating Antisemitism & Islamophobia

The following checklists in Practical Guidance will help employers combat antisemitism, Islamophobia and anti-Arab sentiment in the workplace: Antisemitism in the Workplace: Employer Strategies Checklist Islamophobia in the Workplace: Employer Strategies Checklist
13 Dec 2023

Agency Decisions Filter Now Available in Shepard’s®

A new Agency Decisions filter has been added to Shepard’s ® reports under Citing Decisions for easier access. Users can filter by Federal, State and Self-Regulatory Organizations.
13 Dec 2023

Transgender Issues Generate Hot-Button Legislation Across the States

Follow the evolving cultural trend that has generated at least 138 bills on issues from participation in sports to medical care involving hormones and surgeries. This article Includes a map showing 2022 legislative activity in 33 states. Related Content Transgender Implications for the Insurance Industry Consider how transgender issues impact all aspects of insurance. Workplace Diversity, LGBTQ, and Racial and ...
7 Dec 2023

350+ New Publications Added to Lexis+® and Lexis® in November

PUBLICATION PUBLISHER Commercial and Consumer Warranties-Drafting, Performing & Litigating - Index Matthew Bender Alabama Automobile Accident Law Matthew Bender Privileges and Protections: Tennessee and Sixth Circuit Law - Index Matthew Bender Iowa Personal Injury - Index Matthew Bender Maine Probate and Estate Administration with Forms ...
7 Dec 2023

Practical Guidance Generative AI Federal and State Court Rules Tracker

Stay up to date with the quickly evolving Court Rules related to Generative AI tools. The Generative AI Federal and State Court Rules Tracker in Practical Guidance identifies the various civil litigation rules and procedures impacted by the recent explosion of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools available to and used by litigators and courts across the country. Specifically, this tracker notes the individual ...
7 Dec 2023