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Empowering Military Families: Madison Johnson’s Story of Advocacy and Commitment

May 22, 2024 (2 min read)
Madison Johnson, Practice Area Consultant

Madison Johnson's career as a Practice Area Consultant at LexisNexis Legal & Professional is marked by her relentless dedication to both her professional role and her advocacy for military families. As a military spouse herself, Madison intimately understands the struggles of frequent relocations, licensing issues, and payroll complications. Since joining the company in 2021, Madison has excelled in her role and significantly contributed to the company's commitment to supporting military families.

Driven by her firsthand experience, Madison founded the LexisNexis Military Employee Resource Group (ERG) in June 2022 to provide support and share knowledge with other military spouses at the company. Through the ERG, Madison has connected veterans, active military members, fellow military spouses, and allies, providing camaraderie and practical advice—an initiative that has profoundly shaped her experience at the company. "Founding the Military ERG has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my work here. It showed me that our leadership listens and supports initiatives that fill existing gaps," Madison shares.

Madison joined LexisNexis in 2021, and soon after began exploring ways to support military members and their families. In 2022, started organizing a list of employees willing to volunteer for this cause. By 2023, she launched the Wills for Non-Retiree Vets program within the company, leveraging LexisNexis attorneys to provide crucial pro-bono legal services to military personnel who served but did not retire with the U.S. military. This program, requiring cross-functional collaboration, initially involved 10 volunteer attorneys and members from various teams across different states, working towards offering estate planning workshops for those in need. Today, the program continues to be an important part of the Military ERG.

With Madison’s dedication and support from our leadership and the Inclusion & Diversity team, the LexisNexis Military Employee Resource Group continues to grow. It now includes more than 55 employee members, encompassing military spouses, retired military personnel, veterans, and allies. Madison highlights that leading this ERG inspires her to continue growing her support for the military cause and their families.  “It’s important remember and honor those who made our freedom possible. Their sacrifice is our privilege. Our Military ERG embodies this commitment and serves as a space for allies and anyone with a connection to the military to find support and camaraderie," she says.

Currently living in Texas with her active-duty husband and their two young children, Madison manages to balance her professional responsibilities with her personal life seamlessly. Being a military spouse and an attorney can be daunting with the frequent need to switch licensure and search for new roles. Reflecting on her experience, Madison says, “LexisNexis offered me a remote and portable career, allowing me to maintain my job regardless of where the military takes us, and continue being dedicated to my family and my kids. This opportunity inspired me to work within the military community to empower those in need."

Madison Johnson's story is a testament to the impact one individual can have within an organization. Her efforts not only enhance the lives of military families but also contribute to a more inclusive and supportive workplace for military families and both retired and active-duty military employees at LexisNexis. Through her dual roles as a professional and advocate, Madison exemplifies the company's values and dedication to supporting those who serve and to shaping a more just world. Together with passionate colleagues like Madison, we continue to enhance our commitment to inclusion and diversity globally.


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