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John Lulich's Journey of Growth and Inclusivity at LexisNexis

June 28, 2024 (3 min read)
John Lulich, Practice Area Lead at LexisNexis

John Lulich, based in Wellington, New Zealand, has carved out a remarkable career at LexisNexis, where he currently serves as a Practice Area Lead in the Editorial & Publishing team. Since joining LexisNexis in 2003, John’s journey has been marked by significant professional growth, personal milestones, and a commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace.

John began his career with LexisNexis as a legal editor focusing on family law. With a passion for reading and literature, and armed with a law degree, the role was an ideal fit. "The work fitted in well with my interest in reading and literature, and I had recently completed a law degree," John recalls. This initial role laid the foundation for a fulfilling career that has spanned over two decades.

After two and a half years as a family law editor, John transitioned to working on "The Laws of New Zealand," an encyclopedic work on New Zealand law. He dedicated eight years to this project, further honing his expertise and establishing his reputation within the company. Following this, John spent a year as an author for the same publication before advancing to the role of Practice Area Lead. In this capacity, he has overseen various practice areas, including resource management law, commercial law, intellectual property, and, since 2020, criminal law.

Throughout his career, John has been actively involved in initiatives that have shaped his professional journey. He has also been a member of RELX Cares (our global community programme that supports employee volunteering and giving that makes a positive impact on society), serving on the New Zealand committee from 2018 to 2021, and since 2022, he has chaired the Rainbow Network, our Pacific Pride Employee Resource Group (ERG). His leadership in these groups underscores his commitment to making a difference and fostering inclusivity within the workplace.

John’s experience as a gay man has significantly influenced his professional life. His participation in the Rainbow Network has enhanced his sense of belonging and community at work. "My experience as a gay man and particularly my participation in the Rainbow Network has increased my sense of belonging and community at work," John shares. This role has also provided him with his first experience leading a team at LexisNexis, a noteworthy achievement for someone who identifies as introverted.

LexisNexis has been a supportive environment for John, enabling him to be open about his identity. "An example would be a year-end work Christmas party in 2005 with a 'red carpet' theme, where I went in drag and received positive feedback from colleagues," he reminisces. This acceptance and encouragement have made his work more enjoyable and less stressful.

Under John’s leadership, the Rainbow Network has organized various engaging activities, including an annual online drag queen (or drag king) event for Pride Month in June, featuring bingo or quizzes hosted by professional drag artists. These initiatives have helped foster a sense of community and inclusivity within the company.

John also emphasizes the crucial role allies play in promoting LGBTQ+ inclusivity at LexisNexis. "A very important role. In fact, one of our former Rainbow Network members joined as an ally," he notes. He also finds the company’s policies on LGBTQ+ inclusivity effective, highlighting that his partner is included in his work-provided health insurance plan. This tangible support underscores LexisNexis's commitment to creating an inclusive environment.

For those considering a career at LexisNexis, John offers valuable advice: "As LexisNexis is a global company, consider opportunities outside your country of origin." He also encourages candidates to be themselves during the application and interview process.

John Lulich’s journey at LexisNexis is a testament to the company’s commitment to inclusion and diversity. The company provides employees with the opportunity to be themselves and create ERGs to support their personal causes. Through initiatives like the Rainbow Network, LexisNexis continues to support its LGBTQ+ employees, fostering a workplace where everyone can thrive. John’s story is not just a career narrative; it is a testament to personal growth, community building, and the profound impact of a supportive and diverse workplace.


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), also known as affinity groups, are independent, voluntary groups of employees who share common interests. At LexisNexis, our ERGs include categories such as Disability, Gender Balance, Generations, LGBTQ+, Race & Ethnicity, among others. Employees also have the opportunity to propose and lead new ERG chapters based on their interests.

Our Diversity and Inclusion programs highlight our commitment to fostering a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive work environment that respects and values individuals and their contributions, regardless of their background.

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