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UX designer Aaron is a true team player

February 23, 2022 (1 min read)

Aaron Capua, a visual UX designer based in Manila, Philippines, "has been a true team player and has shown considerable and consistent professional growth,” shares Aaron’s supervisor, Min Xiong, UX Design Manager and Global Head of Content User Experience. “Aaron has a strong ‘can-do’ approach and everyone who has worked with him has the full confidence that he will deliver high-quality designs within given deadlines.”

Aaron was surprised and excited to find out he won an Our People, Our Strength award. “I was told in a meeting that I was recognized as an Our People, Our Strength Award Winner,” says Aaron. “All of my effort and willingness to assist, they all appreciated it. I am very thankful to my leaders for giving me an opportunity to share my design knowledge.”

Aaron describes the LexisNexis culture as approachable - team members are always willing to help out and share their expertise. And Aaron truly embodies that!

Aaron joined LexisNexis in 2019 and he’s already grown his career in considerable ways. He’s created beautiful designs that flex his creative muscle and meet the needs of the team. “I designed a logo and it was a great experience. The process wasn’t simple; it took me about two weeks to develop the layout. But then when I see my designs online and I remember the creative process, it's such a good feeling. I enjoy my day-to-day work and I really like all of my projects.”

Aaron appreciates the active role his mentors have in his career growth. He has a weekly meeting with two mentors where they continue to support his development.

“I have a weekly catch up with my two senior mentors every week to ensure all my output meets the right standard,” he says. “That kind of support is very powerful in helping me improve my skill set.”

Aaron’s favorite part of his job? “The best part working at LexisNexis is the people I'm working with,” he says.

Congratulations to Aaron, and thanks for your excellent work!