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From Litigator to Innovator: Serena Wellen’s Inspiring Journey at LexisNexis

March 26, 2024 (2 min read)
Serena Wellen, VP of Product Management

In today's dynamic world, creativity and innovation are crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. LexisNexis Legal & Professional embodies this ethos, relentlessly exploring the latest technologies to transform the legal landscape. At the forefront of this innovation is Serena Wellen, Vice President of Product Management for the US, Canada, and UK. Her career trajectory highlights LexisNexis' commitment to empowerment, growth, and transformation, setting the company apart as a leader in the field of legal technology.

Serena’s dynamic career progression underscores LexisNexis’ commitment to fostering talent and enabling professional growth within the organization. Starting as a litigator in San Francisco, she found her passion shifting away from the day-to-day practice of law and towards the more intellectual aspects of it. While pursuing her hobby as a photographer, a serendipitous encounter at an art exhibition led her to connect with a LexisNexis editor.

Looking back on this pivotal moment, Serena recalls how it unveiled her ideal professional role – working at the intersection of law, legal content, and collaboration with esteemed experts, outside the traditional roles of legal practice. “She described what I thought was my ideal role at the time – working with legal content and experts, but no longer practicing law myself,” Serena recalls. Soon after, Serena joined LexisNexis as a legal editor, gaining expertise in content and digital delivery.

While her curiosity and passion for the technology field kept growing, Serena eagerly seized opportunities to delve into product management within LexisNexis. The company fully supported her growth, investing in training and mentorship programs early in her product career. Drawing on her legal background and emerging tech skills, she transitioned into leading product and development teams. Serena goes on to explain how LexisNexis’ commitment to investing in employee development through continuous learning supported her career growth: “From foundational product training to leadership coaching, conferences, Harvard Business School programs, and more, the organization empowered my growth.”

Over her 21-year history with LexisNexis, Serena has progressively assumed higher-level roles dedicated to driving revolutionary solutions such as Lexis+ AI, a generative AI solution designed to transform legal work. With her expertise in both legal intricacies and technological advancements, Serena spearheaded the integration of generative AI within our product eco-system, revolutionizing capabilities such as document summarization, complex question answering, and argument proposal with unique product testing solutions. When explaining what sets LexisNexis products apart from competitors, Serena emphasizes, “We're continually analyzing customer feedback to enhance our products until we achieve an optimal solution.”

Serena's journey highlights LexisNexis' ethos of fostering talent and supporting transformation, creativity, and innovation. Through a combination of passion, perseverance, and a supportive organizational culture, Serena not only transitioned seamlessly from a career in the legal field into product management but also emerged as a trailblazer in driving transformative advancements within the legal industry, building her own path to success.

Today, Serena's leadership continues to propel LexisNexis to new heights, as her team continues to expand Lexis+ AI's reach across global markets and continuously improve the product with even more cutting-edge generative features. Her career journey demonstrates the vast opportunities for advancement and innovation at LexisNexis— a reflection of the company's pledge to shaping a more just world while also advancing legal technology through the creativity and skills of its workforce.


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