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A Benefits’ Prophesy for 2022

April 05, 2022 (3 min read)

Retirement plan sponsors can expect continued evolution of the legislative and regulatory landscape in 2022, shaped by activity in Congress, the Biden administration, and federal courts. Before the upcoming midterm elections, Congress appears poised to move forward with broad, bipartisan "SECURE 2.0" legislation, building on the framework of the SECURE Act of 2019. Plus, the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service will continue working on guidance to implement the SECURE Act, while proceeding with several regulatory projects central to the Biden administration's policy goals, one of which involves updating regulations on fiduciary considerations for ESG factors in plan investment decisions.


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  • DOL Proposes to Warm the Climate for ESG Investing
    See how, after President Biden issued an executive order last year directing federal agencies to review regulations inconsistent with his climate-change agenda, DOL announced that it wouldn't enforce controversial 2020 rules on investment selection and proxy voting. In a later executive order, President Biden specifically directed DOL to reevaluate these rules. The proposal indicates that fiduciaries may need to consider ESG factors when evaluating an investment's projected return relative to the plan's funding objectives. Plus, DOL singled out climate-change factors as particularly relevant to the projected returns of defined benefit plan portfolios, given the longer-term nature of their benefit obligations. 


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