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Access Merger Control Guidance from Over 150 Global Jurisdictions

April 02, 2024 (1 min read)

Antitrust attorneys advising on transactions with global reach often need to determine where to file merger control notifications around the world. Practical Guidance’s Multi-jurisdictional Merger Control (Jurisdiction) and Multi-jurisdictional Merger Control (Procedure) are surveys with succinct guidance, regularly updated by experienced antitrust lawyers, on notification thresholds and procedures across merger control regimes worldwide. Set alerts on these surveys and on Multi-jurisdictional Merger Control (Newsfeed), a bespoke current awareness service, to keep up to date with relevant developments in global jurisdictions.

Created and maintained by Lexis PSL Competition (UK), these popular resources are now part of your subscription. For your convenience, all three trackers are available in the Multi-Jurisdictional Merger Control Resource Kit.

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