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January 17, 2023

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Real Property Transfer Tax and its Many Aliases

In many states, transfers of real property are subject to a transfer tax—sometimes referred to as a deed transfer tax, real property transfer tax, deed excise tax, real estate excise tax, documentary transfer tax, and state conveyance tax—which is paid to the state, county, municipality, or school district in which the subject property is located. The amount of this tax usually derives from the amount of consideration paid for the transfer and may vary significantly depending on the applicable government entity levying the tax. In certain cities, the transfer tax rate increases based on the consideration paid or the gross value of the property. City taxes can significantly impact high value real property sales. For instance, the City of Los Angeles recently approved an additional transfer tax, known as the “mansion tax,” on real property sales valued at $5 million and above. Click below to read about the Los Angeles mansion tax.

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