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Come Fly with Me! IRS Funding Boost Yields Ambitious 10-Year Plan

September 19, 2023 (3 min read)

The Inflation Reduction Act, enacted in 2022, provided IRS with an $80 billion funding boost, since reduced by approximately $21 billion, through this year’s Fiscal Responsibility Act. Over the next decade the new law translates to about 200 projects for IRS improvements for taxpayers, tax professionals, and IRS employees. The IRS expects to dramatically improve taxpayer service as well as bolster its technology, data, and analytics. This will be accomplished partly by hiring the personnel needed to carry out enforcement work, including attorneys, accountants, and data scientists. Be ready!

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    Reference this summary of the Inflation Reduction Act’s tax effects. Spending under the Inflation Reduction Act came from increased revenue from fixing some well-publicized inequities both within and outside the federal tax system. The most significant fixes were the introduction of the new corporate alternative minimum tax (AMT), the reform of Medicare drug purchases, and enhanced IRS enforcement.
  • Energy Tax Credits and Incentives
    Review how the previously-owned clean vehicle credit was added by the Inflation Reduction Act which supplements the Clean Vehicle Credit under I.R.C. § 30D. Starting in 2024, a taxpayer can transfer the credit to the vehicle dealer if that dealer meets certain requirements. I.R.C. § 25E(f). The credit does not apply to vehicles purchased after 2032. I.R.C. § 25E(f).

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