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Full House at the FTC: Three Dems and Two GOP

May 07, 2024 (1 min read)

With Republican commissioners Melissa Holyoak and Andrew Ferguson joining the FTC in March, the Commission has GOP input for the first time in nearly a year. On April 22, the now-full-strength FTC voted unanimously to challenge a merger between “accessible luxury” handbag eminences Tapestry, maker of Coach and Kate Spade, and Capri, maker of Michael Kors. Besides railing against the merger’s impact on consumers, the FTC complaint cites as unlawful the effects on employee wages and working conditions. Helping labor has been an antitrust priority for Chair Lina Khan and her fellow Democrats, who still command a majority. But going forward, the political direction of the Commission on this and other matters deserves a closer look. Check in with the DOJ/FTC Antitrust Case Tracker (Merger), which tracks this and other merger challenges.

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