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Healthcare Compliance Plan Elements

January 10, 2023

Check out this practice note from Practical Guidance Healthcare which discusses the seven steps of an effective compliance program. Get up to speed on key compliance program components, including developing and implementing written compliance policies and procedures; training, educating, and communicating those policies and procedures to staff and leadership; and auditing, monitoring, and responding to detected offenses. In addition, learn about compliance officer and compliance committee responsibilities and functions and hiring and screening procedures.

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  • Compliance Plan (Healthcare Organization)
    Use this template to develop your healthcare organization’s compliance plan. Although developed for ambulatory surgery centers, its principles can be adopted for physician and other healthcare provider practices. Conform this plan to meet federal requirements established by the Anti-Kickback Statute, Stark Law, False Claims Act, and HIPAA. The template includes guidance and drafting notes.
  • Healthcare Compliance Program for Providers Checklist
    Refer to this checklist to guide your healthcare clients, including healthcare providers and group practices, hospitals, and healthcare systems, through key legal and business considerations they should consider when building their compliance programs.
  • Federal Healthcare Program Exclusions Prevention Checklist
    Educate your healthcare clients via this checklist on key legal and operational considerations to consider to avoid exclusion from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and other government-funded healthcare reimbursement programs. This checklist can be used to advise health systems, hospitals, physician groups, and individual practitioners.

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