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Healthcare Provider Transactions Checklist

August 08, 2023 (2 min read)

Understand and advise your clients on the issues and challenges inherent in running a healthcare business and how to reduce associated risks. Consult this checklist from Practical Guidance – Healthcare to develop a framework for analyzing proposed healthcare provider transactions at the outset of legal representation. Receive valuable insight whether representing buyers or sellers in transactions involving healthcare providers and suppliers and other healthcare organizations.

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    Review this analysis from Crowell & Moring LLP attorneys Alexis J. Gilman and Angel Prado regarding federal healthcare provider merger cases and other enforcement actions since 2004. Differentiate between hospital mergers, outpatient mergers, and physician group mergers; and assess the relevant markets, combined market shares and post-merger Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI), and the outcome for each matter.
  • Critical Legal and Regulatory Issues Impacting Healthcare Provider Transactions
    Learn about federal and state statutes, case law, and regulations that impact healthcare provider transactions. Get up to speed on a wide range of issues, including healthcare fraud and abuse, tax exemptions, antitrust, licensing, and patient records, among others.
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