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I’m All Ears! Listen Now to Podcasts from Practical Guidance and Law360

February 07, 2023 (3 min read)

Put down the books and listen to our Practical Guidance podcasts and curated Law360 podcasts, conveniently available in one place: the Practical Guidance and Law360 Podcasts Resource Kit. Enjoy!

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  • FTC Proposes the End of Employment-Based Non-Compete Agreements
    Delve into the proposed regs and read this article on the FTC proposal.  The FTC has stated that the widespread use of non-compete agreements is an "often exploitative practice that suppresses wages, hampers innovation, and blocks entrepreneurs from starting new businesses." The agency estimates that about one in five employees across the country are subject to some form of non-compete agreement. Comments on the proposed rule are due by March 20, 2023.

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