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Insurance Coverage for Bob the Builder

August 11, 2021 (1 min read)

Can coverage counsel fix it? Yes they can, with practical insight about specifying insurance construction contracts to maximize coverage of construction risks. In addition, the information in the 50-state surveys below, authored by Randy Maniloff and Jeff Stempel, address the law on key construction risks across the 50 states.


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  • Faulty Workmanship as an Occurrence State Law Survey
    Do a deep dive into the nuances of the rationales courts apply to construction defect claims that result in a wide disparity in cases across the 50 states involving similar facts and identical policy language, in this state law survey authored by Randy Maniloff and Jeff Stempel.
  • Title Insurance
    Learn about title insurance with this practice note, which addresses title reports, title surveys, title insurance policy endorsements, closings, gaps, reinsurance and coinsurance, and the various state premium and endorsement regimes.


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