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Interested in Knowing what Other Partners are Saying about how Commercial Lease Agreements are Evolving?

February 07, 2023 (2 min read)

Access exclusive market intelligence about private commercial lease agreements, as only told by other real estate partners like you. Answer an exclusive, partners-only survey that takes less than five minutes to complete (no paperwork needed). Then, access instant results at the end of the survey from other partners. Find out what the most experienced attorneys are saying about the market. If you qualify, you’ll also receive a $25 gift card.*

Looking for a Good Guarantor?

Lenders require borrowers to provide guarantors to protect against risk in case borrowers default on their loan agreement obligations. Guarantors are usually creditworthy third-parties who agree to satisfy the borrower’s obligations under the loan. Check out this guarantor due diligence checklist for a visual overview to assist lenders and their counsel evaluate guarantors for commercial real estate acquisition financing transactions.

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  • Guaranty Agreement (Recourse Obligations) (Acquisition Loan)
    Use this template in an acquisition loan transaction where a third-party entity (usually the borrower's parent or affiliate) guarantees the borrower’s obligations in the event the borrower’s acts trigger recourse liabilities under the loan.

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