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It’s All About the Fundamentals

May 03, 2022 (1 min read)

Check out our Finance Fundamentals Resource Kit today! This resource kit provides an overview of a financing transaction from the negotiation of commitment papers to the documentation of the loan documents to closing and post-closing mechanics.


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  • Commitment Letter and Term Sheet Provisions
    Read this practice note to understand the commitment letter and term sheet and how they relate to a financing transaction. It details the main provisions of these documents, including those specific to acquisition financing, and how they are typically negotiated.
  • Negative Covenants in Credit Agreements
    Review this practice note to get up to speed on negative covenants and the related definitions, which are among the most heavily negotiated provisions in a credit agreement. To get comfortable funding loans to a borrower, lenders often require negative covenant restrictions on a borrower’s operations to keep management on a path towards timely repayment of the loans at maturity.
  • Closing Checklist (Financing Transaction)
    Use this closing checklist in a syndicated, secured, guaranteed corporate loan transaction. The closing checklist is used to stay organized and keep all the parties on track in a complicated loan transaction.

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