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It’s an Event! An Event of Default…

December 08, 2021

Your lender client just called you and notified you that its borrower is on the verge of a default under its credit agreement. Review this resource kit to make sure you are up to speed on the types of defaults and standard grace periods to correct a default and materiality thresholds to trigger a default. 


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  • Events of Default Provisions in Credit Agreements
    Read this practice note which discusses the events of default section of a credit agreement. These provisions set forth the events or circumstances that the lenders believe will threaten the borrower’s ability to repay the loans as and when due.
  • Borrower Default and Lender Next Steps
    Review this practice note, which provides a guideline of actions that lenders may take following, and sometimes prior to, a default or an event of default under a credit agreement by a borrower.

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