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Kit Yourself Out with Practical Guidance Resource Kits

July 26, 2022

Practical Guidance Resource Kits include all the resources you need to do a specific task. Resource Kits  link a collection of practice notes, templates, checklists, and articles within or across practice areas. There are over 500 Resource Kits available on Practical Guidance, with more added all the time.

Resource Kits are available under Tools & Resources > Resources > Resource Kits on the home page, and under Tools & Resources on practice area pages.

The Private Equity & Investment Management practice area features resource kits on fund formation, private equity transactions, start-ups, in-house counsel matters, ESG considerations, and more.

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  • Start-Up Resource Kit
    See this Resource Kit providing overview of start-up company organization and operation, including entity formation, financing and capital sourcing, intellectual property, and more.
  • Private Equity Fund ERISA Assets Resource Kit
    Consult this kit addressing issues that arise when ERISA employee benefit pension plan assets are invested in pooled investment vehicles, like private equity funds.
  • In-House Generalist Resource Kit
    Review this collection of materials, organized by practice area, covering many of the tasks and issues that in-house attorneys regularly address.

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