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Market Standards: Merger Consideration in Q1 2023

June 06, 2023 (2 min read)

Cash was not king when it came to merger consideration in the first quarter of 2023. Reflective perhaps of broader economic uncertainty regarding the post-closing success of acquisitions over the near-term, an expectation of market corrections, or a combination of multiple factors, the use of stock consideration was more prevalent in merger transactions in the first quarter of 2023 than cash, contingent value rights (CVRs), and other types of consideration combined.

In a survey of 114 merger transactions announced in public company filings between January 1 and March 31, 2023 (excluding four transactions for which consideration information was unavailable):

  • 76 (67%) were paid for either wholly or partially in acquiror stock
  • 46 (40%) were paid for either wholly or partially in cash
  • 6 (5%) included consideration paid partially in CVRs ‑and‑
  • 3 (3%) included another form of consideration other than cash, stock, or CVRs

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