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The Year is Closing In

December 01, 2021

2021 is coming to a close! As we move towards 2022, make sure you are on track for closing all of those deals. Review this practice note for an overview of the closing and post-closing process, including the individual documents and deliverables due at closing, payoff and funding mechanics, preparing UCC financing statements, negotiating post-closing deliverables, and requesting waivers and consents.


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  • Closing Process Fundamentals and Deliverables
    Review this practice note to refresh your recollection on the ancillary documents that are prepared and delivered in connection with a loan financing closing, including the perfection certificate, closing checklist, closing certificates, resolutions, schedules, legal opinions, and closing memorandum. 
  • Loan Agreement Schedule Preparation
    Read this practice note to gain insights as to how to prepare, review, and update the schedules that are appended to a credit agreement.   

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