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4 Ways Litigators Practice More Efficiently with CaseMap® Cloud

September 17, 2021 (2 min read)

Streamline case management by more effectively organizing and analyzing the cases on your desks using LexisNexis. CaseMap® Cloud is a collaborative fact management and case analysis tool that helps legal professionals organize case documents and craft their case strategy to present a compelling case story.

With the CaseMap Cloud legal case management system, litigators can build case outlines, track case progress, and perform legal case analysis faster than ever before. Here are four ways practitioners can improve efficiency and enhance performance using CaseMap Cloud:

1. Stay Organized

Organization is a common challenge for many legal professionals, even when working on relatively straightforward cases. As documents pile up and evidence rolls in, organization can quickly fall by the wayside. This can ultimately lead to ineffective time management and weak case strategies. 

Litigation case management software like CaseMap Cloud allows users to gather all case documents regardless of format or source (PDFs, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, the Lexis service, etc.) in a single, easy-to-use platform. 

In addition to document organization, features like TextMap help you collect and manage transcript and deposition content, and give you the ability to search, annotate, add notes, create summaries, and extract key passages. 

You can then review your files with a holistic view of the entire case to easily identify knowledge gaps and chart the best course to a successful case outcome.

2. Conduct Comprehensive Analysis

Craft winning strategies with CaseMap Cloud’s visual data display and take advantage of Fact Card View, which organizes all of the facts as they stack up in favor or against your case. 

The TimeMap chronology feature helps legal professionals easily layer and keep track of facts, documents, and witnesses in detailed, complex cases—so you won’t miss critical facts or legal information that otherwise gets lost in the weeds of legal documentation.

Automatically identify key players and facts, and capture document metadata. By identifying key information on both macro and micro scales, litigators are able to digest complex fact patterns and pinpoint important case arguments more effectively.

3. Easily Collaborate With Others

With CaseMap Cloud, legal teams can easily collaborate with each other and communicate critical case information to organizations, clients, judges, and juries—from anywhere at any time—for more efficient and effective case management.

With CaseMap Cloud’s intuitive visual aids, progress on a case can easily be tracked and shared across users. Collaborate with team members and work as though you have the support of a full staff, even if your law firm is small. 

4. Integrate Your Workflows

Present the most compelling case by combining legal research and data analytics available via other Lexis services with CaseMap Cloud’s case management software. CaseMap Cloud is fully-integrated within the Lexis suite of products, so you can share information across tools without switching application windows.

Optimize Your Legal Practice with CaseMap Cloud

CaseMap Cloud litigation case management software from LexisNexis lets legal professionals pull all of their facts together in a singular view, giving them a quick insight into the greater picture. Seeing the big picture helps professionals build a strong legal strategy and lead to a successful winning case. 

Start your free trial of CaseMap Cloud today to experience the industry’s leading legal case management system.


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