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20 Reasons to Choose Lexis+ as Your Go-To Case Law Research Site

November 30, 2022 (6 min read)

Case law research is the cornerstone of building (and winning) your case. While precisely and efficiently uncovering the best primary law to support your case isn't an easy task, attorneys know it's a critical step in the legal research process. The right technology can streamline your process and save you time. But with multiple case law research sties available, choosing the right one for your firm can be difficult. Factors to consider include:

  • Strength of the search technology
  • Ability to easily navigate the platform
  • Breadth and depth of the case law collection

Lexis+®, the industry's premier source for case law*, delivers on each factor listed above and more. That's why the best attorneys use Lexis+ as the ideal sidekick for their case law research.

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Not yet convinced? Keep reading to learn more about 20 reasons why you should start using Lexis+ to build cases today. 

#1 More Case Law Than Competitors

Compared to other case law research sites (whether they're free or paid), LexisNexis simply boasts more federal case law, state case law, and state trial court orders, making it the premier case law tool for ensuring you have the most up-to-date primary sources of law at your fingertips.

Find your jurisdiction and read more about the exclusive content that LexisNexis has that gives you a competitive advantage.

#2 Cases Online Faster 

LexisNexis® has cases online faster than Westlaw 79% of the time**.  

Free case law research sites can be enticing because, well, they're free. But you might actually wind up paying for it when you find out that you haven't used the most up-to-date cases in your research.

LexisNexis has cases online faster than other online case law research sites and competitors because we believe in the importance of keeping attorneys one step ahead of the competition -- not behind them.

#3 Flexible Searching 

Search in a way that is most comfortable for you. Lexis+ recognizes natural language keyword searching, terms and connectors Boolean search, and direct questions giving you control over how your search is run. Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, Lexis+ understands your search intent and finds the information you need quickly.

Lexis+ is ultimately a research site that leaves you in charge, meaning you're able to truly play to your strengths. 

#4 Fill-in-the-Blank Searching 

Run specific searches with Advanced Search. Find information at a more granular level by searching segments like headnotes, judges, parties, and more. Equipped with control and precise search technology, quickly find the exact item you need to complete your case. 


#5 Pinpoint Information with Fact & Issue Finder 

Fact and Issue Finder utilizes innovative search technology that yields precise results across various content types. Your interactive dashboard is designed to help you locate what you need quickly, saving you countless billable hours.

Awarded the 2022 Legal Search Solution of the Year by the LegalTech Breakthrough Awards, Fact and Issue Finder is the game changer that will take your firm to the next level.

(Example of Fact & Issue Finder Homepage; Click to Enlarge)

#6 Post-Search Filters 

Find more on-point cases using post-search filters like timeline, court level, practice area, and more. Eliminate cases from your results list that are not binding for your courts or have been overturned by more recent case law. 

#7 Lexis Answers®  

Get quick answers to legal questions with Lexis Answers. Using machine-learning technology, Lexis Answers understands your research question and provides a quick answer alongside a case reference for further reading. Save time looking for things like elements, burdens of proof, or statutes of limitations. 

#8 Ravel™ View 

Visuals are game-changers. See how your top search results cite each other and quickly spot seminal cases or cases you may have overlooked as Ravel View literally connects the dots on how your top 75 search results relate to each other.

(Example of Ravel View; Click to Enlarge)

#9 Search Terms Map & Search Terms Tree 

Hours of research can certainly have an impact on your attention to detail. It may sound simple but colors help. Uncover your best case faster using color-coded search words and a flowchart of how your search was run. If your search was too specific, Search Terms Tree can show you what term eliminated the most cases and rerun your search in a single click. 

(Example of Search Terms Map; Click to Enlarge)


#10 Shepard’s® Citator 

Shepard's Citations Service validates your cases with the gold-standard for citation verification. With roughly 150 years in the business, Shepard's is one of the most trusted citation services.

Read more about Shepard's:

#11 Reason for Shepard’s Signal 

Reveal the impact of citing decisions faster by linking directly to the citing decision that has the strongest influence on your case.

Read more about Reason for Shepard's Signal on:

(Example of a Reason for Shepard's Signal Report; Click to Enlarge)

#12 Headnotes 

Quickly see areas of law involved in the case with headnotes prepared by professional attorney-editors who use language directly from the case – ensuring no misrepresentation of the law. 

(Example of a Headnote; Click to Enlarge)

#13 More Like This Headnote  

Allow Lexis+ to run a second search for you with any filters you initially set so that you can find similar cases to your specific legal issue in your jurisdiction, with your selected timeline, and more. Save time by letting Lexis Headnotes format the search for you.

#14 Legal Topic Summaries 

Learn the basics of a legal topic with one document listing seminal cases, burdens of proof, elements, and more. Link to other important materials like secondary sources or statutes to learn more about your topic. 

#15 Recommended Sources

Explore the power of a case law research site that fills in the gaps for you, so that you don't miss any important details. Lexis+ recommends secondary sources that you may have missed based on the headnotes in cases you are reading. Get background information, practical tips, and references to other cases from our robust collection of secondary sources. 

(Example of a Recommended Source; Click to Enlarge)

#16 Legal Issue Trail  

Discover case connections by selecting an issue and retrieving other cases that cite to that specific issue. Track an area of law from beginning to end across all jurisdictions, giving you the bigger picture of your issue.  

#17 Links to Court Documents  

Dive deeper by viewing vital litigation-related documents right from your case view. With Courtlink® documents integrated directly into Lexis+, easily spot the documents you need to complete your research. 

(Related Materials Example; Click to Enlarge)

#18 Legal Analytics® 

Gain insight about judges, attorneys, and law firms in easy-to-understand charts with analytics powered by Lex Machina®. Lex Machina subscribers can sign in to see powerful insights to aid in making connections that win cases. 

(Example of Options Within Lex Machina; Click to Enlarge)

#19 Parallel Westlaw Citations 

Enter a Westlaw citation and get the document on Lexis+. No matter what legal research system your opponent uses, find the cases they cite to quickly. 

#20 Copy Text with Formatted Citation  

Save time by letting Lexis+ handle grunt work for you.  Highlight case text and select from standard or your state specific citation format before pasting right into your work product. 

Start Winning With Lexis+: The Ultimate Case Law Research Solution

It's time to start building winning cases with a sidekick that's as good as you are. Enter LexisNexis®. With a fully integrated legal research experience designed to pinpoint relevant facts and legal issues with ease, you bring a sharpened competitive edge to the courtroom. Still have questions? Try Lexis+ for yourself or talk to a sales representative for more information.

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