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Product Spotlight: Lexis+® for Transactional Attorneys

April 12, 2023 (2 min read)

This post was originally published in September 2020 and was updated in April 2023. 

Transactional lawyers spend a significant amount of their time advocating for, negotiating, and structuring deals on behalf of their clients. By relying on artificial intelligence and technology, the time required for performing due diligence, background research, and other tasks can be streamlined while improving transaction outcomes—and enabling increased interaction with clients and greater focus on higher-level business and legal strategies.

Lexis+® now has integrated tools specifically for transactional attorneys, a robust collection of secondary content, and added features to make research for transactional attorneys more efficient. 

Integrated Features 

Practical Guidance

Lexis+ incorporates the Practical Guidance® platform directly into your research ecosystem. Organized by practice area, Practical Guidance allows attorneys to quickly start and finish any legal matter by simplifying routine tasks. Practical Guidance includes a huge database of practice notes, templates, and checklists authored by over 1,700 practicing attorney authors, so you can be confident that your documents are always up-to-date and ready for your clients. 

Automated Templates

With Automated Templates on Lexis+, attorneys can minimize errors and save up to 70% of time spent drafting. Automated Templates uses intelligent Q&A functionality to simplify the drafting process and product high-quality, signature-ready documents. 

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Legal News Hub 

Stay on top of changes in your practice area or jurisdiction with Legal News Hub. Bringing in articles from Law360®, attorneys can see what's going on in their area and better advise their clients on what may happen in the future. 

Secondary Content

Lexis+ provides access to the same robust collection of secondary content previously found on Lexis. With publishers like Matthew Bender®, A.S. Pratt®, Sheshunoff®, and more, you can always find what you need regardless of your practice area. 

Features for Transactional Attorneys

Code and Legislation Compare 

The Lexis+ platform eliminates the need to manually review and compare changes to federal or state statutes or legislation. Quickly and accurately spot differences in two versions of a code or legislation to better understand how these changes may impact your client. 

Search Terms Map 

Lexis+ has expanded Search Terms Map across all content types to make it easier for attorenys to identify patterns and quickly find what they need. Easily see the distribution of your search terms and vet a document without opening it to make sure it meets your needs. 

Lexis+ has unique features to help transactional attorneys work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. From newly integrated features like Practical Guidance to Code Compare, transactional attorneys have all the resources they need at their fingertips. Try Lexis+ today and see how it can optimize your legal research. 

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