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Find And Analyze Relevant Bills And Regulations With The All-New State Net Platform

May 02, 2022 (3 min read)

If you are a corporate compliance officer, government relations professional — or serve as legal counsel to someone who is — there is perhaps nothing more important than having access to current and accurate information regarding proposed legislation and government regulations. The price for overlooking an important bill or new industry regulation can be substantial for your organization, not to mention the potential harm to your own professional reputation.

The problem is the sheer volume of legislative and regulatory developments that must be monitored: 150,000 legislative and 50,000 regulatory measures annually, produced by more than 13,000 governmental agencies. The only way it is possible for today’s compliance and government relations executives to stay on top of every possible law or regulation that affects their company or client is to rely on an information services tool that can do the heavy lifting for them.

State Net® is a complete legislative and regulatory intelligence solution from LexisNexis®. The world’s leading companies, trade associations and law firms have trusted State Net for more than 50 years to track legislation and regulations with confidence.

LexisNexis reimagined this solution over the past couple of years and has just launched an all-new State Net platform that offers the most advanced search and tracking technology in the industry. The new version contains 17 specific enhancements and has been optimized for mobile devices so users can access and retrieve timely information while on the go.

One of the areas of the State Net platform that has been updated has been the functionality that allows users to find relevant bills and regulations faster. This was achieved by developing improved search capabilities and delivering new tools that enable more precise legislative and regulatory analysis. These include the following:

Greater search flexibility

State Net now allows users to find relevant documents faster with type-ahead suggestions, pre-search filters and open-text searching. The predictive typing feature is especially useful as it provides more forgiveness for professionals by suggesting the title of the measure they may be seeking. This gives some reassurance that they are searching for the correct bill or regulation they have in mind.

Combine search types

The all-new State Net search bar allows users to run various searches that combine data from different fields. For example, it is now possible to run a search for proposed legislation in a specific area (e.g., vaccine mandates) with either a bill number or simply a phrase. Moreover, the new platform supports a single search across legislative, regulatory and executive activity, enabling professionals to get a lay of the overall landscape for all relevant developments pertaining to the issues they are monitoring.

Fine tune searches

The new platform offers expanded filter options that help users fine tune their searches to focus on relevant measures that could potentially impact their organizations. This includes a new “multi-select” option that allows professionals to select more than one filter to really narrow their search results to the most relevant bills or regs.

Specific jurisdictions

State Net now allows users to include or exclude local ordinances from any search they conduct on the platform. For example, consider a need to search for legislative developments on COVID-related workplace policies in the state of California. In addition to the state legislature, there are more than 150 city and county governments in California with varying regulations on this topic. The new State Net platform allows professionals to either include or exclude specific local jurisdictions from the search results, providing a more relevant set of information for review.

State Net offers government affairs and compliance professionals a comprehensive data source and analytical tools to monitor government activity from beginning to end for the federal government, all states, territories, localities and the District of Columbia. The all-new State Net platform is faster and more flexible, and it includes enhanced data analytics to help users gain even greater clarity on emerging legislation and regulations.

Learn more about how State Net monitors legislative activity in all 50 states to keep executives updated on individual bills as they progress through committee, as well as new laws that are enacted in each jurisdiction.