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Inside Private Market Data with Johnston Chen

August 04, 2022 (13 min read)

With the launch of Private Market Data from LexisNexis® Practical Guidance, attorneys can expect to gain access to a wealth of information they never or rarely had access to before, regardless of the size of their firm. Now you can research, inspect, and gain actionable insights using data from your peers across the country to work smarter when negotiating commercial real estate leases, labor and employment discrimination settlements, and more.

Private Market Data (Commercial Leasing) is a unique databank featuring more than 40 customizable data filters. Filling out the survey will give you access to data on trends to ensure your clients get the absolute best from your negotiations. You’ll also get access to a complimentary high-level report full of actionable insights.

Private Market Data (Employment Discrimination Settlements) includes thousands of recently negotiated, non-public employment discrimination, harassment, and/or retaliation settlement agreement terms. With it, you can gain insights on current market trends, develop more effective settlement strategies, and ensure your clients receive the most favorable settlement agreement terms.

We asked LexisNexis product manager Johnston Chen all about Private Market Data in this special video interview. Watch to learn more about Private Market Data, or scroll down to read the transcript!