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LexisNexis CaseMap® Cloud Features: August 2022 Updates

September 12, 2022 (1 min read)

CaseMap Cloud is a collaborative organizational tool designed to help attorneys manage their cases. The new features on CaseMap Cloud provide a more customized case management experience and help streamline the process of inputting information.  Keep reading to learn more about embedding documents in fact chronology reports and adding multiple people to batch uploads.  

Embedded Documents on Casemap Cloud

Fact chronology reports help attorneys craft the story of their case. Now, access relevant documents with a single click from your fact chronology reports.  

How to Embed Documents in Fact Chronology Reports

1. From the Reports tab, find the Fact Chronology report and select "Options". 


2. From the “Options for Fact Chronology” pop up, check the Embed option and choose the applicable documents.  


3.  When you run the report, embedded documents will show up under the “Documents” column.  


Add People to Batch Uploads on Casemap Cloud

Batch uploading documents can save time when setting up cases and adding new events. Now on CaseMap Cloud, you can add people to the batch documents you are uploading, instead of manually adding each person and document. Save significant time with this new feature. 

How to Add People to Batch Uploads

1. From the Documents tab, click the “Upload Batch” option.  


2. On the “Upload Batch” pop up, select the people that should be tagged on the documents.  


3. People tagged will show up on the Documents list.  

Try CaseMap Cloud

CaseMap Cloud helps attorneys organize their case and paint a picture for their judge. For help with these features and more, check out Training on the Go. For customized, 1-on-1 training, sign up here!  

LexisNexis is here to help from complaint to verdict. CaseMap Cloud is just one tool in the vast suite of research products to keep you organized. Ready to step up your research? Contact us today!  

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