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Product Spotlight: Lexis® for Microsoft® Office

April 18, 2023 (2 min read)

This post was originally published in September 2019 and was updated in April 2023. 

Strong writing skills are an essential part of a lawyer’s legal toolbox, which is why most law schools’ core curriculum includes legal drafting classes.

But being a talented writer isn’t enough anymore; attorneys must also be efficient. Many legal professionals spend hours of their valuable time drafting and proofreading legal documents—often performing tedious, routine tasks.

What if there was a way to get some of those hours back?

Integrating seamlessly with Outlook®, Microsoft Word and Office 365®, Lexis® for Microsoft® Office puts a suite of powerful legal drafting aids into familiar software you’re probably already using. In a nutshell, this can streamline a lot of your work, while also eliminating the learning curve typically found with adopting new software—all with the goal of saving you time.

Tools to Develop Your Legal Drafting

While Lexis for Microsoft Office is packed with time-saving analysis and proofreading tools, they all have a grander purpose: to help you draft a strong document. The fact that you can do it all quickly is just icing on the cake.

These resources can be found in the familiar display in your Microsoft software and include handy capabilities like enhanced searching, PDF importing, citation checking, linking to Lexis+ and more.

Legal Drafting Meets Legal Research

One of the primary benefits of Lexis for Microsoft Office is the way it integrates with Lexis. This allows a Lexis subscriber to quickly jump back and forth between research and drafting—saving a ton of time in the processes.

 Better still, Practical Guidance integrates the same way, so subscribers can access a veritable goldmine of forms and practice notes to get a head-start on their document creation.

See the Practical Guidance Guided Tour

An Easy Way to Write Your Table of Authorities

Even an experienced lawyer can spend hours assembling (and checking) their table of authorities. And that’s a big area in which Lexis for Microsoft Office shines. It can do the process practically automatically, within seconds. You’re also given the ability to check (and set) your cite format and validate quotes—and it’s customizable, so you can add or edit as you see fit.

Build on Good Law with Shepard’s® Citations Service

Earn some peace-of-mind thanks to the integration of Shepard’s Signals™ right within your document. You’re able to quickly spot citations and then see relevant Shepard’s information pulled from Lexis content. This helps you validate cited sources and find additional authority.

Save Time with Legal Drafting Resources

This was just a small taste of the capabilities within this powerful document creation tool. Want to get some hours back in your week? Get a free trial of Lexis for Microsoft Office.

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