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Product Spotlight: Lexis+™

September 14, 2020

Signaling the next evolutionary leap in LexisNexis® research solutions, Lexis+® fuses powerful legal research tools, legal analytics, brief analysis and practical guidance into a single, user-friendly interface. Read as Lexis Plus, the Lexis+ service builds on the trusted Lexis® platform, giving lawyers access to a massive online law library, plus powerful case law and legal research capabilities to better serve their legal clients. 


One of the first things attorneys notice about Lexis+ is the simple interface and clutter-free design. The legal research service boasts a clean visual aesthetic, and its simplicity helps legal professionals navigate all of the powerful tools and capabilities available.

But Lexis+ goes beyond a simple, elegant display and presentation. When it’s time to go to work, legal professionals are given basic prompts like “What would you like to research today?” From there, each step along the research path was designed with user experience in mind. Colors, icons, text arrangement, overall layout—every aspect of Lexis+ has been tested to ensure that this online legal research service is easy and intuitive.


The data revolution is here. Savvy attorneys are already incorporating big data into their decision-making processes to help make informed choices on their legal strategies. So, of course, Lexis+ boasts powerful data and legal analytics tools too.

This data is fueled by both case law and analysis from Shepard’s® Citations Service, all cultivated to help lawyers practice with confidence. Equipped with comprehensive research tools, attorneys are able to draw data-driven insights into their legal work.

That’s a fancy way of saying that data-fueled search power and legal analytics within Lexis+ can reveal some pretty amazing details—things you may have overlooked or not explored deeply enough with a more traditional research service.


While the Lexis+ service may be groundbreaking, you’ll find several familiar tools built in as well. But rest assured, these tools have been augmented and enhanced to deliver more capabilities, speed and insight.

For instance, lawyers may be used to seeing the Lexis Answers™ feature in the Lexis service, but Lexis+ cranks it up to 11. Search algorithms have been fine-tuned to allow attorneys to type nuanced legal questions into the Lexis+ search box and receive better-targeted answers.

Learn more about Lexis Answers in the video below.



Same deal with the Search Term Maps function—in Lexis+ you can now use it across ALL content types to speed-up your research and quickly spot the documents that’ll help the most.

Even a simple tweak has a big impact. The Ravel™ View visualization tool now boasts a bolder color scheme to help you pinpoint vital cases and track key citing trends more easily.

But there are plenty of things that are all-new to the Lexis+ platform too, like the Shepard’s® At Risk feature. Kicking traditional Shepard’s analysis up a notch, the Shepard’s At Risk notification helps you identify cases at risk of being overruled, where underlying points of law have been negatively treated by other decisions in the jurisdiction. It’s pretty helpful reassurance that your strategy is built on solid legal footing.

You’ll also want to check out the Missing and Must Include feature. It gives you greater control over your search by highlighting terms from your search query that are missing from a specific document in the results set. That means you’ll be able to see whether all your terms are present in a document—without having to open it.

If you do a lot of research (paralegals and law librarians, we’re looking at you), then you’ll probably appreciate the Search Tree feature as well. LexisNexis is essentially letting you look behind its algorithm curtain to give you customization and control over your searches. This handy visualization tool breaks down your search to show you why certain terms are missing from the results set. It even lets you select specific terms from your search to refresh/refine your search results.

Watch how it works below.




Lawyers spoke, LexisNexis® listened. The demand for a seamless integration between online legal research and practical guidance was overwhelming. So overwhelming in fact, that it was one of the core catalysts for the development of the Lexis+ research platform.

Starting with the question “What task would you like to accomplish today?”, lawyers are able to jumpstart their research with a trove of data-driven practice resources, including annotated forms, practice notes, checklists and more. Similar to how the standalone Lexis® Practical Guidance service operates, the Practical Guidance experience within Lexis+ helps you quickly build knowledge on new or unfamiliar legal matters by leveraging the combined expertise of thousands of practicing attorneys.

Better still, since it’s all part of the same, interconnected research experience within Lexis+, you’re able to cover more ground with blazing-fast speed.


One of the most popular features built into Lexis+ is the new Brief Analysis tool. This is where you can upload a document and have Lexis+ extract concepts, determine key facts, spot similar briefs and much more. That way, you’ll be able to build stronger legal arguments, thanks to targeted research recommendations and Shepard’s analysis that’s based on the citation patterns and legal concepts found in your document.

Plus, it’s adaptive and smart. As an example, the Brief Analysis tool will automatically narrow by jurisdiction based on the jurisdiction used in your document. Yep, it will infer your jurisdiction from cites in your document—it may even include more than one if you have cited cases from multiple jurisdictions.


Lexis+ has an innovative research tool called Code Compare. It lets you quickly spot legislative changes by comparing one version of a code to another. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t miss critical updates, so you can speak confidently on the statutory landscape. Watch how it works below:




Look, it would take about 3,000 more pages to describe all the capabilities of Lexis+ with any significant detail. So rather than throw more text at you, here’s an opportunity to get an instant free trial. It’ll let you see these benefits and features for yourself, and you’ll discover a lot more than we could include in this Product Spotlight.*

Click below to sign up for a Lexis+ free trial and experience the future of online legal research.*


Oh, and be on the lookout for separate Feature Spotlights on specific Lexis+ tools. They’ll go into much greater depth on the resources within Lexis+.



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