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Product Spotlight: Lexis Practical Guidance®

August 15, 2019

Get a Head Start on Your Work with Valuable Legal Guidance

Tackle more work using the know-how found in the Lexis Practical Guidance service. Rely on guidance, checklists and annotated forms from experienced attorney authors. These resources can help you gain a deeper understanding of a range of legal topics, so you can cover more ground and secure more clients.

You may recall an earlier article on Lexis® Legal Advantage regarding the potential dangers of Attorney Specialization. While it’s important to have expertise in specific practice areas, you can run the risk of becoming too niche and missing out on a big chunk of your local legal market. That’s why Practical Guidance can be such a valuable asset to your law firm.

Expand Your Knowledge Base

Get up to speed fast on new or rapidly developing areas of practice, helping you say yes to more new clients—and keep established clients satisfied with your service. You can leverage the authoritative practical guidance, checklists and practice notes from Practical Guidance to remain the trusted expert your clients count on.

Increase Your Efficiency

With sample forms and agreements, alternative clauses and handy checklists, the Practical Guidance service can save you hours of research and writing time—so you can turn the focus back on your legal work.

Even better, Lexis® Smart Forms use an intuitive questionnaire to help you begin the form drafting process. Your answers will auto-populate in the appropriate fields and give you a head start on your document creation.

Learn from Your Peers

Get advice from authorities of today. Practical Guidance delivers insight from more than a thousand legal authors—click here to see who they are. The content is vetted and curated with attorneys like you in mind, to help you handle legal matters with confidence.

Navigate by Practice Area

You can find what you’re looking for quickly, because the valuable resources within Practical Guidance are broken into intuitive practice areas. There are well over a dozen practice areas already, with more on the horizon. They cover a range of topics, from bankruptcy and litigation all the way to insurance and tax and many others that are well-suited to specialized legal firms.

Inside each practice area you’ll find a wealth of resources dedicated to that specific topic, including time-saving forms, checklists and practice notes.

Video: The Core Documents Feature 

This handy tool pulls together certain vital legal documents relevant to specific tasks into a single place. Here's a video walkthrough


Video: Resource Kits

Access a wealth of content, including forms, checklists, clauses and practice notes to jumpstart your legal work. This video will show you how.




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