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GC Spotlight: A Conversation with Nathan Leong, VP of Legal at Memora Health

September 21, 2022 (9 min read)

Editor’s Note: This is the latest installment in a series of one-on-one interviews with leaders of corporate legal departments in the U.S. This month we spoke to Nathan Leong, who is Vice President of Legal at Memora Health, the leading technology platform for virtual health care delivery and care management. Mr. Leong was formerly Senior Counsel at Microsoft Corp., where he built and led the first Microsoft U.S. Health Legal Team. The interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Q: Thanks for joining us, Nathan. Can you tell us about your family upbringing and your roots?

A: I am from a family of entrepreneurs and grew up in a household where entrepreneurship was really valued. Sometimes people ask how I came to be born and raised in Minnesota as a first-generation American of Asian descent. The back story is that my dad is from Malaysia and had a teacher there who was from Minnesota and encouraged him to move to the U.S. to pursue his dreams. But when my dad didn’t know where to go or where to live, the teacher said that he still had family back in Minnesota and my dad should stay with them. My dad eagerly accepted the offer and set off for America. (The teacher and his family have been an adoptive family to mine ever since.) So, my family story like many entrepreneurial stories that got started because someone gave someone else a shot. The rest is history.