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FTC’s Lawsuit against Amazon, OR’s Effort to Lure Semiconductor Makers & More

June 23, 2023 (1 min read)

FTC Sues Amazon over ‘Dark’ Prime Practices

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against Amazon, alleging the online retailer tricked millions of consumers into signing up for its Prime subscription program and made it difficult for them to cancel it. The agency said Amazon used deceptive design techniques known as dark patterns to get customers to enroll in Prime. (CNBC)

OR Aims to Attract Semiconductor Industry

Oregon lawmakers have agreed on a new 15 percent tax credit for companies that manufacture semiconductors in the state. The credit would max out at $4 million per company per year, and companies could opt to receive between 25 percent and 75 percent of the credit as a refund, depending on their size. (OREGON CAPITAL CHRONICLE)

Lawsuit Filed over New Porn Website Age Verification Law in LA

The Free Speech Coalition has filed a lawsuit to block a new Louisiana law requiring porn websites to verify the age of users before allowing them access. The advocacy group is also challenging a new age verification law in Utah. (PLURIBUS NEWS)

U.S. Senate to Investigate Amazon Workplace Safety

The U.S. Senate’s Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions has launched an investigation into workplace safety at Amazon. The committed requested that Amazon provide information about its injury and turnover rates, as well as about its on-site medical clinic, AMCARE, going back to 2019. (CNBC)

—Compiled by SNCJ Managing Editor KOREY CLARK


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