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Asylum Victory in Denver...4 Years After Hearing!

December 22, 2021 (1 min read)

Claudia Brett Goldin reports: "I'm very happy to share [this] decision from IJ Trujillo granting our client asylum based on her membership in the PSG "indigenous Mayan Guatemalan women." Huge congratulations to Eric Pavri, who tried this case before IJ Trujillo in November 2017! At the time of the hearing, A-R-C-G- was still good law, but we've certainly gone through twists and turns since then. I submitted updated briefing & evidence in June, 2021, and last month, four years after the evidentiary hearing, asylum was granted! Not only that, but in the alternative, the client received a grant of humanitarian asylum! I particularly enjoyed the discussion on page 3 of the reasons the client's statements in the I-213 should be afforded "limited evidentiary weight" in light of the myriad problems Eric demonstrated during the hearing. I hope this is useful in future cases."

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