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CA10 (2-1) on Honduras, Transgender Women: Gonzalez Aguilar v. Garland

March 29, 2022 (1 min read)

Gonzalez Aguilar v. Garland

"Kelly Gonzalez Aguilar is a transgender woman from Honduras. She came to the United States and applied for asylum, withholding of removal, and deferral of removal. In support, Kelly claimed • past persecution in Honduras from her uncle’s abuse, • fear of future persecution from pervasive discrimination and violence against transgender women in Honduras, and • likely torture upon return to Honduras. The immigration judge denied the applications and ordered removal to Honduras. In denying asylum, the immigration judge found no pattern or practice of persecution. Kelly appealed the denial of each application, and the Board of Immigration Appeals dismissed the appeal. The dismissal led Kelly to petition for judicial review. We grant the petition. On the asylum claim, any reasonable adjudicator would be compelled to find a pattern or practice of persecution against transgender women in Honduras."

[Hats off to Nicole Henning, Tania Linares Garcia and Keren Hart Zwick!  And...nota bene...this PFR was filed in 2018!]