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CFI Denial Rate Soars

November 13, 2019 (1 min read)

Amanda Holpuch, The Guardian, Nov. 13, 2019

"The vital first step in the asylum-seeking process has nearly been extinguished at the largest immigrant family detention center in the country, according to a lawsuit.

Plaintiffs allege that since mid-July the number of women and children at Dilley family detention center in Texas who pass the first interview necessary to apply for asylum has dropped from 97% of applicants to fewer than 10%.

This unprecedented drop in approved interviews comes without any public regulations, directives or guidance about changes to what is known as the “credible fear” interview process.

... Attorneys believe Donald Trump’s administration made secret changes to the credible fear process at the same time it announced it would force people to seek asylum outside the US before they can seek it at the southern border. That 16 July change in effect means the only people who can seek asylum at the border are from Mexico or who have flown into the US without a layover.

Meanwhile, at Dilley, advocates suddenly noticed a drop in approved credible fear interviews after 16 July."