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Clarification on L Fees and Reciprocity Fees: FAM Update

July 31, 2013 (1 min read)

"9 FAM 41.54 N14 has been updated to provide clarification regarding how reciprocity fees are affected when consular officers collect anti-fraud fees and border security fees. While this policy was formally laid out in reftel, CA/VO/F/P noticed that the policy was never formally enshrined in the FAM. Both anti-fraud fees and border security fees, when they are required to be collected in the course of a visa application, will act to "pay down" any necessary reciprocity fees. For example, if an L-1 applicant has a $400 reciprocity fee, but also paid the $500 anti-fraud fee, the antifraud fee would satisfy the reciprocity fee. Conversely, if an applicant was required to pay an $800 reciprocity fee, but was also required to pay the $500 anti-fraud fee, the applicant would only have to pay the $300 remaining balance of the reciprocity fee. Please direct any questions to your CA/VO/F/P analyst." - DOS, July 13, 2013.