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Class Certification Granted in Challenge to Presidential Health Care Ban

April 08, 2020 (1 min read)

Justice Action Center, Apr. 7, 2020

"On April 7, 2020, the federal district court in Portland, Oregon granted class certification in our lawsuit, Doe v. Trump, challenging President Trump’s October 4 proclamation requiring legal immigrants to prove they hold an “approved” health insurance plan, or can pay for health care out of pocket, in order to be allowed entry to the U.S. This unconstitutional health care ban would affect approximately 375,000 people each year, immediately separate families from loved ones, harm businesses seeking to employ international talent, and undermine our nation’s commitment to equal rights. The proclamation remains enjoined under our litigation and today, the district court certified the case as a class action to cover all U.S. citizens who have or will have an approved or pending petition for a relative to receive an immigrant visa to enter the United States and all foreign nationals who have or will soon apply for an immigrant visa and meet the eligibility for that visa but would be prohibited from entering the United States under the health insurance Proclamation."