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Judge Enjoins Biden's Cancellation of MPP

August 14, 2021 (1 min read)

Texas v. Biden, Aug. 13, 2021

"1. Defendants and all their respective officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and other persons who are in active concert or participation with them are hereby PERMANENTLY ENJOINED and RESTRAINED from implementing or enforcing the June 1 Memorandum.
2. The June 1 Memorandum is VACATED in its entirety and REMANDED to DHS for further consideration.
3. Defendants are ORDERED to enforce and implement MPP in good faith until such a time as it has been lawfully rescinded in compliance with the APA and until such a time as the federal government has sufficient detention capacity to detain all aliens subject to mandatory detention under Section 1255 without releasing any aliens because of a lack of detention resources.
4. To ensure compliance with this order, starting September 15th, 2021, the Government must file with the Court on the 15th of each month, a report stating (1) the total monthly number of encounters at the southwest border; (2) the total monthly number of aliens expelled under Title 42, Section 1225, or under any other statute; (3) Defendants’ total detention capacity as well as current usage rate; (4) the total monthly number of “applicants for admission” under Section 1225; (5) the total monthly number of “applicants for admission” under Section 1225 paroled into the United States; and (6) the total monthly number of “applicants for admission” under Section 1225 released into the United States, paroled or otherwise.
5. This injunction is granted on a nationwide basis.
6. Nothing in this injunction requires DHS to take any immigration or removal action nor withhold its statutory discretion towards any individual that it would not otherwise take.
7. The Court retains jurisdiction of this matter for purposes of construction, modification, and enforcement of this permanent injunction.
8. The Court STAYS the applicability of this opinion and order for 7 days to allow the federal government time to seek emergency relief at the appellate level.