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Podcast: Steve Yale-Loehr on Immigration and Nationality Law: Problems and Strategies (New Book)

June 27, 2013 (1 min read)

Immigration expert Stephen W. Yale-Loehr discusses Immigration and Nationality Law: Problems and Strategies, by Lenni B. Benson, Professor of Law, New York Law School; Lindsay A. Curcio, Principal, Law Office of Lindsay A. Curcio, Adjunct Professor, New York Law School; Veronica M. Jeffers, Associate at Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy, LLP, Adjunct Professor, Southwestern Law School; Stephen W. Yale-Loehr, Miller Mayer, LLP, Ithaca, NY, Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell University Law School.

Immigration and Nationality Law: Problems and Strategies introduces the reader to the legal concepts and experience of practicing immigration law. This book is designed for both law students and attorneys as it covers not only statutory provisions and key immigration law cases, it also provides an understanding to the many government agencies involved in the immigration process and how to navigate the wide variety of adjudications that are central to the U.S. immigration system.  Immigration and Nationality Law: Problems and Strategies includes problems that ask the reader, from a variety of legal roles, to learn how to solve common immigration problems. By working through these problems the user will observe the immigration process from initial sponsorship to the United States, to seeking admission at the border, to finding and maintaining status and securing permanent resident status within the United States.  Immigration and Nationality Law: Problems and Strategies moves through the complex issues of determining whether a person is inadmissible or barred from securing status or entering the United States. It explores the removal process and which categories of people and what type of behavior can subject a noncitizen to expulsion. It then continues with an examination of the forms of relief from removal and asylum and other humanitarian protections. The text closes with the ultimate goal of many immigrants -- naturalization. Other ways to acquire or derive U.S. citizenship are also explored. - Click here to order.

- Bender's Immigration Bulletin, June 27, 2013.