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Trump Extends Visa Sanctions Memo

December 31, 2020 (1 min read)

White House, Dec. 30, 2020

"On April 10, 2020, I signed a memorandum detailing that countries that deny or unreasonably delay the acceptance of their citizens, subjects, nationals, or residents from the United States during the ongoing pandemic caused by SARS‑CoV-2 create unacceptable public health risks for Americans.  I determined that the United States must be able to effectuate the repatriation of foreign nationals who violate the laws of the United States.  In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing public health risk it poses to Americans, subsection (d) of section 3 of the April 10, 2020, Memorandum on Visa Sanctions is hereby amended to read as follows:

“This memorandum shall continue in force until terminated by the President.  The Secretary of State, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and the Secretary of Homeland Security shall, as appropriate and as United States foreign policy interests and continuing public health risks may warrant, submit a joint recommendation for such termination.” "