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Unpublished BIA Victory in Religious Persecution Case - Benin

July 06, 2016 (1 min read)

Cornell Law Prof. Steve Yale-Loehr writes: "Krsna Avila and Yanet Cordero, two of our students in the Cornell asylum appeals clinic, just won a remand from the BIA in a case involving religious persecution in Benin.  The case involved a man who converted from Voudon (also known as Voodoo) to Christianity and then was targeted by members of the Voudon religion.  The client, unrepresented, lost at the IJ level.  The BIA remanded, largely on the strength of the students’ excellent brief.  A summary of the facts [is linked here.]  Sital Kalantry supervised the students.  If you want a redacted copy of the students’ brief, please email me."

Stephen W. Yale-Loehr 

Professor of Immigration Law Practice, Cornell Law School

Co-Author, Immigration Law & Procedure Treatise