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$1.2M in Damages Awarded Against USA in FTCA Case; Asylum Officer Misconduct: Lu v. USA

August 08, 2013 (1 min read)

"Lu suffered loss of enjoyment of life, grief, anxiety, humiliation, emotional distress and has signs of PTSD and physically suffered weight loss, insomnia, and "avoidance of traumatic reminders" and dark circles under her eyes. (See Findings of Fact 20.) She also suffered a miscarriage. She was in a vulnerable state when subjected to Powell's sexual advances. She endured two divorces as a result of her inability to engage in sexual relations related to the shattered assumptions she experienced as a result of Powell's conduct. She continued to experience emotional distress upon returning to China. Therefore, Plaintiff Lu is entitled to damages as follows: $500,000.

Hao suffered loss of enjoyment of life, grief, anxiety, nervousness, worry, humiliation, indignity and emotional distress. This was aggravated by the nearly eight (8) year delay in adjudicating her asylum application. She was in a vulnerable state when subjected to Powell's demands for money and his sexually aggressive behavior. Therefore, Plaintiff Hao is entitled to damages as follows: $700,000." - Lu v. USA, Aug. 5, 2013.