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Amnesty Will Boost The Economy And Reduce Crime, So Just Get Over It!

December 14, 2012 (1 min read)

"Throughout the country, foreign-born newcomers have revived beaten-down neighborhoods as immigrant entrepreneurs have opened small businesses and immigrant families have put down stakes.  Immigrant workers have played a vital role keeping a number of industries competitive, such as agriculture and meatpacking.  Cities with lots of immigrants have seen their per capita tax base go up, according to David Card, an economist at UC Berkeley.  Despite the popular impression that a rising tide of immigrants is associated with higher crime rates, research by Robert Sampson of Harvard University and others offer a compelling case that it’s no coincidence that the growing ranks of immigrants tracks the reduction in crime in the U.S. ... A fast track to legality offers Washington a rare twofer: a just move that’s economically efficient." - Chris Farrell, Dec. 13, 2012.