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Children’s Immigration Law Academy’s 2023 Written Resources

January 05, 2024 (3 min read)

ABA Children’s Immigration Law Academy, Jan. 2024 - "The ABA Children’s Immigration Law Academy (CILA) wishes you a Happy New Year and looks forward to continuing to support all the work that you do to help immigrant youth and children in 2024. We wanted to provide a summary of key resources we updated and developed in 2023! As a reminder, the following written resources are available for free on our website. Please sign up for a free membership for continued access to CILA’s resources. Thank you for all the work that you do! 

Links to CILA’s 2023 Written Resources 

Working with Youth

Supporting Youth in the United States

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS)


Immigration Court Practice

Pro Bono Programs

Fostering Community

CILA’s blog, Together for Children’s Rights Updates, also provides regular updates on legal updates, shares useful resources, and uplifts children’s advocates. In 2023, CILA launched a new series of blog posts on Supporting Our Clients in the Interim by Rescreening for Relief. Learn more here about U visasT visas based on labor trafficking along the journeyT visas based on labor trafficking in the United States, and VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) as the Self-Petitioner. The blog further includes monthly litigation updates from the Fifth Circuit, Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), and Supreme Court with summaries of select cases. Check out all posts from this series here.

In addition to these written resources, recordings of many of CILA’s trainings are available online on the Advanced Trainings webpage, along with links to the slides and handouts from the trainings. For those in the Acacia Network, CILA further offers a set of resources in CILA’s Core Curriculum to help practitioners new the field. Moreover, in 2023, CILA added a webpage for state court judges to access resources related to SIJS.


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