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DACAmented Minnesotan Earns Law Degree

December 15, 2023 (1 min read)

Laura Yuen, Star Tribune, Dec. 12, 2023

"Going back to his college days, Juventino Meza was known as the kid who got things done. Student body president. Community organizer. Advocate for immigration reform. There wasn't a politician, civic booster, faith leader or college president with whom Meza wouldn't share his story. Speaking at rallies and public hearings, he became a prominent face in the national movement to expand the rights of Dreamers like himself, immigrant youth who resided in the United States illegally after arriving in the country as children. Meza is still forging new trails. The 35-year-old is believed to be one of just a few undocumented immigrants to graduate from law school in Minnesota. He received his degree this past spring from Mitchell Hamline School of Law and plans to take the bar next year. But before you write this off as a simple success story, Meza wants you to know that the road to get here was long and messy — just like the frustrating path immigration reform has taken. ... "