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Expert: Asylum Seekers Face Multiple Challenges

November 06, 2023 (1 min read)

Ethan Stark-Miller, AM New York, Nov. 5, 2023

"A migrant’s current legal status in large part depends on how the individual entered the country. According to immigration lawyer Stephen Yale-Loehr, there are several ways that new arrivals typically enter the U.S. ... The main difference is that migrants granted parole are able to immediately apply for a work permit, he said, whereas those without the designation cannot. Those with parole, for instance, do not have to wait 150 days before filing for work authorization.  “It seems to be hit or miss as to who gets parole versus being told just to file an asylum application,” Yale-Loehr said. ... Yale-Loehr said migrants are confronted with a slew of legal obstacles when trying to avoid deportation and build a life in the U.S.  “There are so many challenges they have,” Yale-Loehr said. “Just on the legal front, understanding the work permit complexities, depending on what status they are. Trying to find an immigration lawyer or other advocate who can help them navigate this process.” "