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Expert: New DACA Rule Could Be Published "Any Day"

September 26, 2021 (1 min read)

Jorge Cancino, Univision, Sept. 26, 2021

""A new proposed rule is about to be published to help about 700,000 dreamers," says Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law at Cornell University School of Law.  "The Office of Management and Budget has completed its review of a proposed rule to preserve deportation protections for approximately 700,000 people brought to the United States as children.  “The proposed rule could be published any day. The new regulation could put the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program on a better legal basis, “ he said.  Yale-Loehr further said that "the rule to be proposed becomes more important now that the Senate's top adviser (Parliamentarian) has ruled that legalization provisions for DACA recipients cannot be included in the budget reconciliation bill."  "The new rule on the way could be a temporary safety net for dreamers if the legislation fails," he said."