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Expert: Title 42 "Not The Best Way" To Manage Borders

December 19, 2022 (1 min read)

Maria Ramirez Uribe, PolitiFact, Dec. 16, 2022

"A legal battle over Title 42’s future is playing out in the courts, but the policy could be rescinded as early as Dec. 21. ... Immigration at the border has been increasing for the past two years, even with Title 42 in place. That can be attributed to deteriorating conditions in other countries making people "so desperate, they're trying to come to the United States," Stephen Yale-Loehr,  a Cornell University immigration law professor, told PolitiFact. "People should not think that Title 42 somehow miraculously saves us from having to deal with immigration," he said. "We need to manage our immigration borders generally. And Title 42 is simply not the best way to do it."